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太陽光発電 普及拡大センター


Large format Lithiumion phosphate cells for compact long life use.
Full Battery Operating System (BOS) for intelligent distributed control on grid.
Comes standard with 1.5kW AC output(upgradable to 3kW).
Comes standard with 7.2kWh of energy storage (options of 20kWh,50kWh & 100kWh).
System can be AC coupled to an external Solar Inverter with power control or DC coupled to an MPP Tracker.
Batteries can be charged by solar or grid connection or a back up generator in off-grid mode.
Remotely provides system, grid and renewable energy generation data to utility.

FAS Independent PowerBanKsystem delivers:

– Value across the grid
– Peak demand reduction
– Distribution capital deferral
– Ancillary services
– Voltage instability offset
– VAR control capable
– Renewable integration
– Renewable shifting
– Renewable smoothing
– Demand response capability
– On-grid and Off-grid configuration
– Full integration of solar generation and storage with power control
– Backup power & generator

The FAS Independent PowerBank maximizes the value of existing grid infrastructure through edge-of-grid energy storage.

The FAS Independent PowerBank is installed indoors at the customer premises (behind the meter) where electricity is consumed.
This can reduce capital investment for new generation and distribution infrastructure required to meet the demands during peak periods.
Plus, the customer may share the cost of the FAS Independent PowerBank.

Flexibility of both on-grid and off-grid functionality.

The FAS Independent PowerBank can be completely integrated with solar energy generation and have full power control over the solar system if required for both on-grid and off-grid applications.
For off-grid applications the FAS Independent,PowerBank has full auto-start generator integration for seamless top-up supply or battery charging during periods of inclement weather or high demand.

The FAS Independent PowerBank MAINTAINS

electricity SUPPLY during a power outage.
The FAS Independent PowerBank includes a battery backup feature.
If the power goes out, the system automatically disconnects from the public grid and forms an island grid in the home (within 30milliseconds). The PowerBank then discharges