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太陽光発電 普及拡大センター


Our company’s multi-purpose underground unit 「Georoom」is an underground living quarters constructed to meet the demands for environmental performance. With patented box feature, this high quality unit could easily be installed in desired places with easy construction method.

Underground temperature is insusceptible to the outside temperature and temperature is kept throughout the year. In addition, our GEOROOM‘s outer circumference is made up of totally welded iron plates (6 surfaces)which prevents leakage. And its highly water repellent FRP water-proofing gives more water repellency and rust preventing thin layer to the iron plate surface.
GEOROOM is made of iron-plated heavyweight steel frame with three layers of heat and sound insulation and excellent earthquake and sound proof.It could be used as a living room or a library, or it could be used for any purpose desired. During a disaster, it could be used as a shelter to protect your love ones. The toplight gives a natural glow, no one would think it’s underground. The doors are partly automated, it could easily be opened by anyone.It’s also equipped with a ladder.

Space Saving

GEOROOM is a space-saver. It could fit a garage space. With the Amendment of the Ratio of Floor space in houses, an underground unit does not add to floor area to 50% of the total floor space. Because of this, floor space could be expanded to up to 1.5% of the total floor space.

Short Construction Period

GEOROOM is an underground unit equipped beforehand and uses a patented embedding method. Moreover, To prevent landslide during construction we use “Yamadome” frame ,subduing noise and vibration, it finishes after a few short days(shortest is 4 days).

Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

For space efficiency, we've used spiral stairs, light transmitting toplight (Skylight),adding to the soil's heating insulation the unit's interior and exterior has 3 layers of heat insulating and water proofing treatment keeping the temperature throughout the year.

Very Safe

GEOROOM has considered all aspects for absolute safety. The outer circumference uses cushioning materials as a counter measure for any kind of emergency. And it could be used as a shelter.
Underground space

Normally used as a storeroom.

  Because it’s an underground space, installing windows is impossible.
Underground Living room

According to the Building Standards Act, it’s recognized as a 「Living space」.

  That’s why Flat 35 Financing could be availed of. And to give it a more comfortable look, we used Toplight(Skylight) for spatiality and a natural touch.

GEOROOM Installation Process


Body Heavy weight steel of HModel steel, iron pklated
Water proofing FRP (Epoxy Resin lining) Styrofoam(20 m/m resilience)
Toplight Hollow plate partly automatic
Flooring Wooden flooring or punch carpet
Walls vinyl cloth
Ceiling vinyl cloth
Facility Construction Air conditioning, pipes, electrical wirings(including electrical outlet), TV and Telephone wirings
Facility Equipment Circulator, dehumidifier, 5 lightings(3 in living room)
Standard price Open price(Construction price not included)

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