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According to the Laws concerning The Promotion of Wider Utility of Long Life Quality Houses (June 4,2009)enforces that, by keeping a house for a long time, waste produce which accompanies dismantling and elimination of houses are controlled, lessens the burden to the environment, and reduces the expenses of rebuilding the house again. It's a good change for a richer and gentler way of lifestyle.
・Laws concerning the Promotion of Wider Utility of Long-lasting Superior Houses
 (Act No.87)enforced in June 4, 2009
・Laws and Enforcement Regulations concerning the
 Promotion of Wider Utility of Long Life Superior Quality
 (2009, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
 Tourism Provision No. 3)
・Standards for the Maintenance and Measures for
 Structures for Long Term Use
 (2009, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
 Tourism Notice No.209)

Earthquake Resistant

In extremely rare cases of earthquakes, for planning facility improvements for continuous utilization, and for the decrease of damage, the following steps are required.

1.Earthquake resistance Level 2 Checklist: Wall quantity for performance,
 Wall Arrangement, Floor Magnification, Connecting Joints,
 Horizontal Member, Foundation.
2.The Ratio for Safety Limit Deformation of each floor of a structure during
 a major earthquake is less than 1/4(check inter-layer deformation angle)
3.to assume as base isolated building.

Energy Saving

Energy- saving heat insulation. It should meet energy conservation provisions prescribing energy conservation standards.

Counter- measures for Saving Energy Level 4
a)Performance Code (amount of Q, preventation of dew)
b)Specifications(amount of U)

Easy Maintenance

Necessary measures should be taken for easy maintenance of shorter life spanned interior and  the equipments (cleaning, check-up, repair, renewal)

Necessary measures should be taken for maintaining the plumbing without influencing the structural body of the building during construction.

Deterioration Prevention

Utility of the structural body for the coming generation.

In addition to preventing deterioration, it’s important to secure inspection holes under the floor and attic space with 330 mm. or more of effective height.

Dwelling Unit

To secure necessary scale of good housing standard, more than 75m2 (standard 2 household induced housing standard) floor space of 1 household should be at least 40㎡.

*Actual conditions may change according to the community. This may be raised or lowered. However, it’s limited to 55㎡.

Residence Management

Maintenance and improvement should be considered according to the living environment. An administrative agency will make inspections.

*Standards may differ depending on the administrative agency.


Plans for regular inspections and repairs should be made from the start of construction.

The following should be considered in Maintenance. Main parts of structural resistance Parts preventing rain from leaking to the structure Water supply and drainage apparatus Inspection timing and its contents should be set Inspection should be done every 10 years, the least. Extra inspection should be done after an earthquake or typhoon.

Keeping Records of Background of the House

A house approved as a long life superior quality house should keep records of its construction and maintenance condition.
*Keeping records in an electronic device is also acceptable.

Application Form for Long Lasting Superior Quality House Certification or other attached documents
Design related documents(Ground Plan, Projection Drawing, Rectangular Graphic)
Structure-related Documents (All Types of Plans, Wall Quantity Calculation, Numerical Computation, List of Jointing Hardware)
Specifications Documents
Equipment-related Documents
Facility Equipment Related Documents

Promotion of Wider Utility of Long Lasting Superior Quality Houses

Subsidy program for yearly supply of not more than 50 units of small and medium-sized residences. Long Life Superior Quality Houses passing qualifications for this Subsidy Program will be subsidized of 10% of the construction costs, of not more than ¥1,000,000.
Support of a maximum of ¥1,000,000 or 10% of a unit’s constructional cost.